Ali Jones (IOCI - 24 September 2013)

“The biggest thing I can bring is a positive, energetic, intelligent approach to moving forward”

Shirley-Papanui Ward independent candidate and St Albans resident Ali Jones had not planned to run for council again but was inspired by Lianne Dalziel’s launch speech and the opportunity for a fresh start created by Tony Marryatt’s resignation and Bob Parker’s decision not to stand for re-election.

In the first segment of this week’s show (broadcast date 24 September 2013) Bill asks Ali what she believes will be the three main issues facing the new council after the 12 October 2013 vote.

Then former journalist and long-time ‘It’s Our City’ listener Michael Herman once again joins Bill for the ‘Town Prier’ segment. This week they contemplate Sir Bob Jones’s Laws of Economics, whether Fortuna will drop Labour leader David Cunliffe into the prime minister’s seat, and reflect on what’s happening out on the Christchurch hustings in the run-up to the city’s most important election in 50 years.

‘It’s Our City’ and the ‘Town Prier’ segment from the ‘Morning Show’ have combined in an all-new Local Government Election Season format, with an extended version of ‘It’s Our City’ now broadcast weekly on Tuesdays 11:00 to 11:55 until 12 October 2013 and rebroadcast on Wednesdays at 21:30.


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