What do you stand for?

  • We believe the city of Christchurch belongs to the residents not bureaucrats, special interests, nor elected councillors.
  • We want accountability and responsibility of where our ratepayer money goes and to whom.
  • We want openness and the end of frequent closed meetings and decisions being made by a hand full of non elected bureaucrats.
  • We want the residents of Christchurch be able to participate in the political process in an appropriate manner. We want the CCC to listen versus dictate.

What does the organisation view as wrong with the leadership at CCC?

The failure to allow (a) people’s participation; (b) openness and transparency; (c) to own up to responsibility they have been entrusted with as the leaders of our city. The city belongs to us all – CCC is accountable to us first and foremost. They must be transparent and listen versus dictate. Elected councillors should represent the people who elect them not blindly support the bureaucracy.

How will you bring about change?

We will endorse and support local body election candidates who share our values of openness, responsibility and participation.

Is your organisation a political party?

Absolutely not, we are residents of Christchurch who are concerned over the leadership of the city and the corporate processes and practices that exclude participation of residents.

Will you endorse candidates regardless of their party affiliation?

Yes. We are not concerned with party membership but rather the individual’s philosophy of how the city should be run and their commitment to our principles.

Will you run your own candidates?


What about involvement with Regional Elections?

Our primary goal is the local elections. We will give our opinions and possible endorsements to selected incumbents or candidates we feel best represent people versus special interests.

Will you endorse a person for Mayor?


How is your group funded?

We are funded from contributions of our members. We will not accept contributions from political groups or from non-members.

How can I become a member?

To become a member, either call us at 03 379 3873, email us  to membership@itsourcity.org.nz, or download the 1374999123_pdf Membership Form (74kb) and send it to us by mail.


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